The Heart of the Gold Country

Amador County Historical Society

Amador County Historical Society

Weekend Visitor Center on Main Street in Jackson, Kennedy and North Star MIne Model Exhibit, and the Amador County Museum.

The Society was formed for the purpose of identifying and preserving items of historical interest of Amador County for its residents and the general public. And to educate and increase public awareness while at the same time enlisting public support for historical preservation in Amador County.

The Amador County Historical Society has also partnered with the Recreational Railroad Coalition Historical Society in owning and operating the Amador Central Railroad ™, a great part of the county’s history.

The Amador County Historical Society and AmadorGold are now collaborating to provide easy access to Amador County's History Online. The mission of both is to make more available to the public as much as possible of the historical information about Amador County that has been gathered by many, people over the years.  More Info

Visitor Center/Office:  148 Main St., Jackson, CA  95642
Phone:  (209)257-1485