The Heart of the Gold Country

Fiddletown Preservation Society

Fiddletown Preservation Society

The mission of the Fiddletown Preservation Society is "to preserve, maintain and restore the historcial buildings, records and relics of Fiddletown as a living museum for the ecucation of the general public in the history of the Fiddletown area." 

The "Chew Kee" store is a Chinese rammed earth structure established as an herb shop during the Gold Rush.  By 1910, there were only four Chinese Americans residing in Fiddletown. In 1922, Chew Kee deeded the property to his "adopted" son, Fong Chow Yow, also know as Jimmy Chow. Jimmy Chow worked in Fiddletown, living in the old herb store until his death in 1965. "Chew Kee" remains largely intact as one of only four remnants of the once thriving Chinese community in Fiddletown.

The store is open on Saturday from noon to 4 p.m., April through October.