The Heart of the Gold Country



The town is named for its setting in a bowl-shaped valley which early miners thought was caused by a volcano. The early morning fog rising from the valley floor only reinforced that belief. The area was first known designated by Colonel Stevenson's men, who mined Soldiers Gulch in 1849. In 1851 a post office was established and by April 1852 there were 300 houses. By 1853 the flats and gulches swarmed with men, and there were 11 stores, 6 hotels, 3 bakeries, and 3 saloons. Hydraulic mining operations, begun in 1855, brought thousands of fortune seekers to form a town of 17 hotels, a library, a theater, and courts of quick justice.

During the Civil War, Volcano's gold served the Union. The Volcano Blues smuggled the cannon "Old Abe," into the town by hearse, to intimidate rebel sympathizers. The cannon was cast by Cyrus Alger & Co. in Boston in 1837 and is the first of two 6-pounders made on the same day to be stamped with serial number 4. The cannon was never fired. The other cannon still survives at Shiloh Battlefield and is called "Shiloh Sam". Abe is the only cannon of that age in the U.S. still on a nineteenth century wooden carriage, and has had an interesting history all on its own.

The landmark St. George Hotel is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

Volcano almost became the county seat in 1854 and again in 1857, but the newspaper closed in 1857 and afterwards, the town began to decline.

Although small, Volcano is a town of many "firsts":

  • 1854 First theater group in California
  • 1854 First debating society in California
  • 1854 First circulating library in California
  • 1855 First private schools in California
  • 1855 First private law school in California
  • 1856 First legal hanging in Amador County
  • 1860 First astronomical observatory in California
  • 1978 First solar still in California

Things to Do

Located here in Amador County, just outside the quaint village of Volcano, Black Chasm Cavern opened for guided cave tours at the end of September 2000.

Each spring, from mid-March through mid-April, Daffodil Hill explodes with thousands of blooms, attracting visitors from around the world.

Amador County is home to the dazzling Black Chasm Caverns in Volcano.

Bakery Items , Breads, Dinner to Go, Gluten-Free Menu

Located in the charming and historic town of Volcano, the lovely and magical grounds of the St. George are a joy in every season.

The historic Country Store in the gold rush town of Volcano.

The Volcano Gallery is located in the quaint town of Volcano, Ca. and is within 3 miles of the world famous Daffodil Hill.

For over 40 years VTC has brought entertaining plays to the public.  They are a community theatre located in Volcano, producing 5 shows per year.

Volcano Union Inn and Pub is a great spot to meet your neighbors, enjoy your family and make new friends. Serving seasonal comfort food.